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Your path to university of St.Gallen -
With our special training!

What sets us apart!
  • We have taken the new HSG admission test (aptitude test) ourselves!

  • Individual preparation: We offer customized programs and strategies tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

  • Experienced coaches: Our coaches have extensive experience in preparing students for admission tests and are familiar with the latest developments and requirements.

  • Updated learning materials: Our programs are constantly updated to ensure that our clients are up to date with the latest requirements and techniques.

  • Flexibility: We offer various programs and services that cater to different needs and budgets.

  • Track record of success: Our clients have had high success rates in admission tests in the past and can benefit from our proven methods

Zulassungstest HSG_Zulassungscoaching_Vorbereitung Uni St. Gallen_ Studienplatz sichern; Studenten die während eines Seminars zusammensitzne uns gemeinsam an einer Aufgabe sitzen und diese bearbeiten

We guide you -
to archive your goals!

Regardless of whether you want to study at HSG, WHU, or any other university, you will most likely have to undergo an admission test or selection process.

But don't worry, all selection procedures can be learned, and we at Zulassungscoach will show you how it's done! We help you prepare for your admission test or selection process to the best of your abilities


With Zulassungscoach, you will be well prepared and can successfully start your dream career.

Our seminars - succeeding in the test 

Our seminars focus on preparing students for admission tests and selection processes at colleges and universities.

We provide practical and effective techniques that empower participants to approach tasks with greater speed and effectiveness.

Our seminars are designed to simplify the preparation process and help students achieve better results.


Contact us now to learn more and enhance your chances of success!

Zulassungstest HSG_Zulassungscoaching_Vorbereitung Uni St. Gallen_ Studienplatz sichern; Ein Coach erklärt zwei Teilnehmern eine Aufgabe in Quantitaives Problemlösen; diese sind sehr motiviert und freuen sich auf einen Studienplatz an der Universität St. Gallen
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Conquer the HSG admission test with ease

A study program at the University of St. Gallen is highly coveted, as it ranks among the top business universities in Europe and is recognized as one of the premier training grounds for future leaders.

The Challenge: Time pressure; Competition - demanding tasks

Securing a place at the University of St. Gallen is fiercely competitive and the pressure during the admission test is tremendous. At Zulassungscoach, we are here to support you in tackling the high demands and help you deliver exceptional performance.

Through our preparatory seminars, we assess your current standing and equip you with optimal strategies to achieve your goal. We stand as your dependable partner in successfully conquering your HSG admission test and steering your career in the right direction.

Furthermore, we ensure you are well-prepared for the video interview.

Our offering is unparalleled:

As specialists in HSG admission test preparation, we are the foremost experts for prospective students at the University of St. Gallen. Having personally undergone the new test, we possess precise knowledge of the expectations placed upon participants.

As the sole provider, we offer specialized training designed specifically for the HSG video interview, catering to its unique requirements.


What our students and clients say about us.

"I availed the services of Zulassungscoach and was highly satisfied with the guidance and preparation for my admission test. The team was incredibly professional and friendly, and I felt well taken care of. The practice materials and study techniques provided were highly effective and helped me improve my test results. I highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone preparing for an admission test. Best regards, J. P."
"I am thrilled with the professional and personalized support I received from Zulassungscoach. Through their targeted preparation for the HSG admission test, I was able to secure my desired study placement. Many thanks to the team for their assistance! Best regards, P. S."
"When I was preparing for the HSG test, the team at Zulassungscoach provided me with tremendous support. The practice materials were highly helpful, and the one-on-one training helped me improve my weaknesses. I highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone in need of professional and personalized preparation for the HSG test or other admission tests. Best regards, H. M."
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