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5 reasons for our training-books

  1. Our learning and preparation booklets are customized to meet the specific requirements of admission tests, covering a wide range of topics with comprehensive exercises and explanations.

  2. The exercises in our booklets are carefully graded in difficulty levels, allowing individuals to progress gradually and build confidence as they tackle more challenging tasks.

  3. Our booklets include sample solutions that serve as valuable references, deepening understanding of the tasks and concepts and helping individuals avoid common mistakes.

  4. We prioritize clear and easily understandable language in our materials, ensuring that all important information is readily accessible and comprehensible to users.

  5. Our learning and preparation booklets are designed for self-study and can be seamlessly integrated with our seminars and online courses, offering a well-rounded and effective preparation strategy for admission tests.

Online - Testsimulation

Jetzt buchen: Online-Testsimulation

Mit dem Zulassungscoach Online Test kannst Du Online Deine Prüfungssituation simulieren und Deinen Probetest durchführen.

Die Aufgaben und die damit verbundene Zeit diese zu lösen, entsprechen den Prüfungsbedingungen.

Deine Vorteile

  • Du erhältst sofort dein Testergebnis.

  • Die Lösung wird direkt nach dem Test ersichtlich

  • Lernen unter Zeitdruck und realen Bedinungen

  •  Dein Test ist rund um die Uhr verfügbar

  •  Der Link zu dem Test ist sofort verfügbar und Du sparst Versandkosten.

  • Mit den Lösungen kannst du im Anschluss lernen

Your Feedback - important to us!

We are a young company specializing in test preparation.

Although we have only been in the market for a short time, we have already received a lot of positive feedback from our customers.


We are very grateful for the trust placed in us and strive daily to help our students succeed in their admission tests.  


We are always open to constructive criticism in order to continuously improve and keep our training concept up to date. ​


Here you will find a selection of our current customer testimonials.

Zulassungstest HSG_Zulassungscoaching_Vorbereitung Uni St. Gallen_ Studienplatz sichern; Erfolgreiche Seminar Teilnehmer werfen ihren bestanden Test in die Luft und freuen sich, zukünftig an die WHU oder HSG zukommen. Sie haben alle schwarze Overalls an
"I availed the services of Zulassungscoach and was highly satisfied with the guidance and preparation for my admission test. The team was incredibly professional and friendly, and I felt well taken care of. The practice materials and study techniques provided were highly effective and helped me improve my test results. I highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone preparing for an admission test. Best regards, J. P."
"I am thrilled with the professional and personalized support I received from Zulassungscoach. Through their targeted preparation for the HSG admission test, I was able to secure my desired study placement. Many thanks to the team for their assistance! Best regards, P. S."
"When I was preparing for the HSG test, the team at Zulassungscoach provided me with tremendous support. The practice materials were highly helpful, and the one-on-one training helped me improve my weaknesses. I highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone in need of professional and personalized preparation for the HSG test or other admission tests. Best regards, H. M."
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