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Achieve a successful start to your studies - with our preparatory seminars

Now available in Munich & Vienna:

Our seminars provide optimal preparation for the admission test at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Take advantage of our experienced coaches, proven problem-solving techniques, and the opportunity to collaborate with fellow participants.

Here are the advantages we offer

Included in the seminar price:

  • Training materials valued at €80

  • Comprehensive guide for the video interview

  • Targeted study plan for enhanced understanding

  • Coaches with expertise in business administration, economics, and business studies, ensuring a strong foundational knowledge

  • No hidden costs

  • Fast and responsive support

Setze den Grundstein für deine Karriere 2024!


Video-Interview Coaching:

"I utilized the services of Zulassungscoach and was highly satisfied with the preparation for the admission test at HSG. The course instructors were highly competent and catered to my individual needs and weaknesses. The practice tests and strategies helped me overcome my nervousness and successfully navigate the selection process. The payment arrangements were fair and transparent, and I would definitely recommend the company. Warm regards, D.N."

Sophie F. ; 20 y.o.

"The seminar provided by Zulassungscoach was invaluable in preparing me for the HSG admission test. The course content was highly structured and practical, which helped me enhance my skills and knowledge. Our coach, Paul, was extremely dedicated and provided support during and even after the seminar for any inquiries I had. I highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone in need of optimal preparation for their admission test."

Marie L. ; 19 y.o.

"The intensive course provided by Zulassungscoach was incredibly beneficial for me. I learned many new techniques and skills to better prepare for the admission test (HSG). Our coach, Samuel, was highly professional and had a deep understanding of the exam requirements. I felt supported and motivated throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone in need of an effective and comprehensive preparation for the admission test at the University of St. Gallen."

Nico S. ; 19 y.o.

"It was evident that the team at Zulassungscoach thoroughly enjoyed sharing their knowledge with others. I attended their group seminar, and it truly helped me in better preparing for the admission test. The instructor, Paul, was highly knowledgeable and provided a wealth of practical tips and strategies to help enhance my performance. The materials provided were also very useful in preparing me for the test. I highly recommend Zulassungscoach to anyone in need of a comprehensive preparation."
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