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What stands for us:

Zulassungscoach is your reliable partner when it comes to preparing for admission tests and selection procedures at colleges and universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. We offer individual training, preparation courses, and practice materials for admission exams and selection processes. With us, you will experience simulations of specific test situations, learn specialized work and solution techniques, and receive high-quality test tasks that will advance your preparation. We value the feedback of our participants and actively use it to continuously improve our learning and practice materials. This ensures that our participants are always up to date and optimally prepared for the admission test. We are constantly striving to enhance the quality of our offerings, aiming to provide our participants with the best possible preparation. We support you throughout the selection process and also offer individual training upon arrangement. Trust Zulassungscoach to increase your chances of success in admission tests and selection procedures!

Zulassungscoach - Team

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