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Learning and Preparation Workbook: Tables and Diagrams (HSG)

Our workbook on Tables and Diagrams is specifically tailored to the new Online Aptitude Test 2023 of HSG. It consists of sub-tests that will help you master the mathematical and logical challenges of the test. Based on our own experiences, we have designed the workbook ourselves to provide you with the best possible preparation for the test.

With this workbook, you have the opportunity to enhance your skills in the area of tables and diagrams and thereby increase your chances of a successful admission to HSG. It is an ideal tool for those who want to prepare for the new admission test of HSG. The workbook includes a comprehensive collection of exercises aimed at strengthening your abilities in working with tables and diagrams. It covers various question types and tasks that may appear in the HSG admission test.

The workbook is written in a clear and targeted language, providing solution approaches and tips for problem-solving strategies. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners and is an indispensable companion in preparing for the HSG admission test.

Learning and Preparation Workbook: Tables and Diagrams (HSG)

  • The workbook is the second of the two workbooks (Quantitative Problem Solving; Tables and Diagrams) for the admission test of the University of St. Gallen.

    It consists of 60 exercises, each with 3 possible solutions and a correct solution value for each exercise. Additionally, this workbook includes useful conversion tables as well as tips and tricks for the proper preparation for the video interview.

    This is the only workbook that specifically trains you to develop and enhance this particular way of thinking.

    It is an essential component of your exam preparation that you should not do without!

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